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Purpose built for Childcare

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Increase your childcare enrollment

Improve enrollment by having a true open door policy for parents by letting them check on their children any time. Parents prefer daycare with cameras.

Get an edge over your competition

By providing what millennial parents are looking for. They are super connected and technology savvy.

Build Trust

Parents are more likely to trust you if you provide a transparent view of your center for them. Cameras are one way to build that trust and provide a sense of security by extending your open door policy.

Peace of mind for new parents

Our app will put new parents' minds at ease. They can watch their children from anywhere in real time.

Watch your daycare from anywhere

Our high quality cameras can stream clear High Definition (HD) 1080p real-time videos to your Personal Computer (PC) and mobile devices. Save bandwidth while providing smoother viewing experience for parents.

Live Streaming mobile apps for daycare owners and parents

Our live streaming apps use advanced technology to bring you the best viewing experience. They are the smallest and easy to use. It's faster to download and occupies the least amount of space. They are also less power hungry.